Workshops, Art, Travel

Workshops, Art, Travel

Aug 07 , 2023


Carol Seeley

The last few weeks we have been travelling, in caravan, with dog and art supplies, heading to the historical town of Cossack, where I was facilitated a workshop,            " Ignite Your Creativity" where we explored and played with mediums, supplies. What a fun session it was.

I met some  wonderfully creativity women - I loved the free and willing exchange of ideas the workshop generated. It was so much fun - to play, to be mindful, to create without prescription or being worried about an outcome. I highly recommend this process.

Shortly after my session ended and I packed all the art supplies back away, I joined the Cossack Artist in Residence, Alice Boardman, for her workshop "Gestural Mark Making" another fun and free exchange of creative ideas. I loved exploring materials that I have, until now, largely ignored; the different papers we used - one in particular, a recycled hand made paper was unique and interesting to use. Thanks  Alice for taking me down this road of discovery.






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