Scams and Heartbreak

Scams and Heartbreak

Oct 16 , 2023


Carol Seeley

It's been a few days!!!!

That image is me- the smile of madness.

I have very recently been the victim of an elaborate scam/fraud - initiated on Instagram. Unbeknown to me, a  real life friend had been hacked - and for a few days I was chatting with scammers, who I thought was my friend, who recommended another Insta user who buys and sells NFT's - yes, I know, instant concern - usually - but this was my friend/colleague, a fellow artist, someone I know, who recommended and had met the "broker", suffice to say I was taken in, and duped. 

It was a very sophisticated con, using a very real looking fake website, all "fees" in US$ - which on todays exchange rate multiplies the financial damage to me by 1 1/2 times. Let's not go there. And looks like the money may not be recoverable. 

Why am I telling you - to warn you. I do not know how, we, the general public, are meant to be able to see through such scams, in hind sight maybe I should have/could have phoned my friend to double check the details, but that never occurred to me as I thought the conversation was genuine. I did not perceive any hint of falseness in my friends Insta "voice". I suspect AI maybe have been programmed via access to her previous chat history, on how to respond, who knows, I am guessing. 

Be careful out there in the cyber world.

I am siting here in shock. 

This could happen to any one of you. 


PS My website here is secure  - I've had the web designer give it the once over. It's not compromised. If you want to  buy my art - I suggest PayPal - its a very safe, trustworthy option.  









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