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Carol Seeley's

Art Practice

Carol Seeley is an abstract artist. She creates expressive works that, in the most part centre around patterns – patterns in nature, patterns that she sees in her mind’s eye; landscapes, memories, fabrics, places.

Carol paints intuitively, selecting a colour to begin her visual journey; the journey is complex and twists and meanders its way across the canvas (or paper), Carol responds to each brush stroke, swipe, scrape, adding colour, subtracting there, listening to the direction the painting wants to take her.

Carol loves using texture, layers and sgraffito in her works – to draw in the viewer to look closer, to look deeper, to “see”, to “read” what’s underneath or beyond the surface of the piece, for appearances can be deceptive; Carol’s paintings are visual diaries of her feelings and emotions, memories and reflections. The strong lines, shapes, colours reflect Carol’s unconscious response to the world - her “brave face”, her strength and resilience, look deeper and you will see the vulnerabilities, the cracks, the irregularities, the miss steps, the mistakes, juxtaposed against the joy of creating in this mindful process.

Carol has many ideas, in her daily practice she attempts to capture some of these ideas, to ground them in her substrate, colour them her chosen medium.

 The highlight of Carol’s artistic journey to date has been the acquisition of her abstract work “Filling in the Silences” for the City of Belmont (WA)’s permanent collection. ‘“Filling in the Silences” discusses the need for silences, to pause, to be heard, to be listened. Often, we feel uncomfortable about the silences in conversations and rush to fill them with words…instead we should just stop, actively listen. It is great to be HEARD. Look closely and you can see the silences being filled in this conversation between artist and canvas. 

Carol lives in the beautiful Margaret River region of Western Australia. She has a degree in Social Science and English, has co-produced an award-winning documentary that was screened at The Sydney Film Festival in 2014 and now she paints – daily, prolifically, joyfully and boldly.

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Carol Seeley's


 2021 The City of Belmont WA   “Filling in the Silences"

                                                       Solo Exhibitions
2023 "Bloom" Peacetree Wines Cellar Door, Cowaramup WA
2022  "Wide Open Roads" Denmark Visitors Centre, Denmark WA

2021 “Restlessness” solo exhibition Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery Fremantle WA

 2021 “New Beginnings” Margaret River Cultural Centre, Margaret River WA

2021 “Beneath the Surface” Collie Art Gallery WA

2019 “An Exploration of Colour and Texture” Cocoon Gallery for Emerging Artists, Margaret River WA  

Carol Seeley's


- Solo exhibition, Cocoon Gallery for Emerging Artists, Margaret River

- Freedom School Winter 2020 Group Exhibition at Studio Eleven Gallery in Fremantle

- Joint exhibition in the Bond Store Gallery in Busselton as part of ArtGeo’s “Inclusive Excellence Series 3” works

- Margaret River Independent School Annual Art Fundraiser Group Exhibition October 2020

- Solo exhibition Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery Fremantle

- Collie Art Gallery

- Vasse Primary School Art Awards Group Exhibition

- Solo exhibition Margaret River Cultural Centre

-The Inland Prize Group Exhibition- Leonora WA 

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Carol Seeley's

Art Awards

Freedom School Winter 2020 Group Exhibition, August 2020 “After the Storm” - High Commendation.

Grey Cube Gallery “Patterns Online Art Show”: Merit Award for abstract acrylic “Sea Glass” – October 2020

Art Room Online Gallery – “Life on Earth 2020" “After the Fire.” Hon Mention

GCAN - Green Citizens Australia Network - UneARTEd 2020 – Merit Award “Social Distancing 1”.

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