The Virus

The Virus

Jul 03 , 2023


Carol Seeley

If you have noticed I have been a bit quiet of late, I have a virus ( hopefully now on the recovery) No I don't have Corona but one that is its equal I feel - RSV  - Respiratory Syncytial Virus - it's nasty!  Usually associated with babies and young children its pretty horrible as an adult. 

An unreported symptom  - the lack of interest in art or basically everything else in life :) 

Anyway...starting to look through my art supplies, at least now thinking about what I might make next. 

In other news - we head to Cossack Art awards soon where I will be facilitating a workshop and visiting the wonderful exhibition currently on display (one of my pieces is included in the show).

If you are looking to see my work in person I have pieces in Wanneroo Art Awards, Cossack Art Awards, and will have 3 pink pieces (can you guess which pieces?) at Worthy HQ     part proceeds will support Worthy.


Thanks for supporting my art.

**Photo  reference- "family" :) 


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