Latest Series and Exhibition

Latest Series and Exhibition

Apr 07 , 2024


Carol Seeley

It's been a like my art, keeps changing. At the moment we have my daughter, son in law and 2 year old granddaughter (from Perth) living with us whilst they look for a new home to call their own in this area. It is great having them with us and bonding with my granddaughter. Life sure is changing. 

Art wise - I am currently exploring detailed line and mark making on acrylic canvases. These are very labour intense in the detailing, this is a very mindful and enjoyable process and I am keen to do more.   

I am currently exhibiting 7 pieces in my "From Chaos Comes Order" series at Peacetreee Wines cellar door in my home town of Cowaramup (in the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia). Please call in and check out my exhibition, I am keen to hear your response to these pieces. Whilst you are there I highly recommend your trying their "Seeds and Stems" chilled red - delicious!  


Next...I am working on 2 small (A5) pieces for the Temp200  exhibition as part of the Vic Park Art Season thanks to  Each piece will be sold for $200. This is an exciting opportunity. 


The creativity is flowing....time to sign off. 






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