Whilst the Bread is Baking

Whilst the Bread is Baking

Nov 13 , 2022


Carol Seeley

I have just pulled a few loaves of hand made sough dough from the oven - one crusty fruit loaf (dried fruit, almonds and seeds) and 2 small loaves with my own seed mix. Making sour dough is a relaxing process, it works in its own time; I started feeding my starter, giving it a boost of life a few days before I started thinking about dough. The weather turned chilly, the wild yeast took time to ferment....you have to listen to the dough, work in its time frame.  Yesterday the dough was made, stretched, rested, stretched again...repeat...and then put in the fridge over night to allow for a slow ferment/rise.  Then this morning I needed to take it out of the fridge and let it warm to room temperature - several hours or more...shape, put in tins and let rise again.

What is the point of this story you ask? Well several points. One is about listening to the rhythm of your life, of your creativity. Create when your mind (and body) is ready. Create the things you love with the materials you decide to include to make a unique piece of "your story."

Two - when I was listening to my starter, to my resting dough, to my "rising" loafs, I was siting in my office, at my computer, creating a spreadsheet. I am in the process of negotiating an exhibition - stay tuned, when the contract is signed I will share the details.  It's a process, it too takes it's own time and I am learning to trust the process. 

So whilst the paper work for the exhibition is being compiled I have started thinking, incubating ideas, visions of the works hanging together, listing works, their names, sizes, medium, prices...Starting now will make the installing, curation and administration so much easier.   

I am all for making life easier for myself (and for my supportive husband who will be adding hooks and cords to my work, and finally, helping to wrap and transport to the venue.) We are a great team. 




PS the bread is delicious!

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