The Times Are A Changing

The Times Are A Changing

Oct 26 , 2022


Carol Seeley

This week I took a leap of faith (that my art career, website, art sales etc.) will take off and I retired from my "other life" - that of a self employed, film production accountant. I will miss the wonderful people I have worked with. I have been so lucky to have worked with some of the industries best documentary makers and story tellers who have been passionate about their craft and wonderful people too .

I too am passionate- about my emerging art business - and a business it is. I create art that I love, that I loose myself in, that brightens my day and then I hope that someone else will "get it" will feel that joy, will love the piece enough to want to see it hanging on their walls or carry with them (I am thinking about making some journals with my original art as the cover - a journal you can sketch, draw, paint or write in.) What do you think? I cant wait to start on this project (I am exploring this idea right now. I have a couple of pieces on art on paper, one acrylic and one mixed media, that I will try out this idea with. 

That's what I have been doing (oh yes one more thing - I am exploring art journaling/junk journaling) but more on that later. 


Have a great day





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